MAQR How-to Videos

In another Design Engineering project, students wrote, shot, and edited brief how-to videos for the tool of their choice. We then submitted these videos to, an online how-to video repository that I wrote that generates QR coded stickers that point to the videos. The idea is that students can point their phones at a MAQR (get it?) sticker on a tool and get a quick tutorial on how to use it, what materials it works with, and important safety guidelines. The design constraints are interesting – no sound (as the videos will be viewed in a shop), and formatted for a tiny phone screen. This assignment turned out to be harder than students expected. Identifying, distilling, and representing the information effectively was a challenge. Most videos had to be redone at least once.

MAQR is open for all to use. So far, Crane Country Day School, in Santa Barbara, CA, and Inventor Studios, of Berkeley, CA, have also participated. MAQR stickers now adorn many of the tools in the Hill Campus Makerspace.


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