Maker Cart

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Sometimes it makes more sense to bring the makerspace to the class, rather than the other way around. This cart is designed to be a shop on wheels. My initial desire was to make it like a 4×4 RV, ready for any situation, but this turned out to be problematic (too heavy, too hard to keep organized). I’ve settled on a basic wood shop setup – small band saw, drill press, box of bits, vise and belt sander bolted to the top, box and adjustable wrenches spray-colored onto a board on the front, and swappable bins for everything else. Its extension cord powers the tools on top, three tool battery chargers, and a strip of outlets. By swapping bins it can be set up for electronics, woodworking, PVC animals, or just about anything else.

The cart originally carried a huge color TV and was being thrown out. Its plastic wheels didn’t turn out to be tough enough for the bumpy ride between buildings so I built a steel chassis (1″ square tube again) and added some cheap pneumatic caster wheels. The cart has made my job a lot easier and is borrowed by other teachers periodically too.


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