Invention: the Zipwasher

This idea was born while unloading my dishwasher at home. It seemed that putting dishes away in cabinets only to use them and put them back in the dishwasher involved some unnecessary steps. Why combine dish washing with dish storage? A dual-chambered dishwasher could have a clean side and a dirty side that switched each time you ran it. This is the Zipwasher – see video below.

The Riverdale Parents Association generously awarded me a grant to develop the idea, with the pedagogical goal of inspiring students to invent. I made the video below by making a 3D model in Sketchup and importing screenshots into Videoscribe, a cool tool for making whiteboard videos. It is best viewed fullscreen on at least a laptop, not a phone (sorry).



My intention was to upload the project to Quirky, a Kickstarter for inventors that offered a path to patenting and production, but the company is all but defunct. Too bad! I was working on a partnership with them where my Design Engineering students would receive mentoring for their inventions. If anyone knows of an alternative, please let me know.


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